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The CCL Partner Network gives you the best practices, tools and thought leadership that allows you to keep adding value to your customers while growing your business.

Top 5 Reasons to Join the CCL Partner Network

  • The CCL Partner Network is an investment designed to grow your firm’s revenues.

    When you become a member of the CCL Partner Network, you gain a trusted partner who is committed to the growth of your practice. We seek Partners who are growing their firms and consider their $5,995 annual membership fee an investment for growth. You’ll receive more than $10,000 in tools, resources, research, content, annual conference registration fees and on-demand coaching with each year of membership. Yet, the greatest return on investment will be the revenue growth you experience from utilizing the best practices shared exclusively with members. As soon as you join, you’ll share your growth goals. Together, we’ll work to make them possible.

  • The CCL Partner Network saves you time.

    Partner Network members are busy coaches and consultants. They don’t need more to do, they need efficient solutions and time saving support. Every aspect of your Partner Network experience will work towards that goal. Your business coach will serve as an advisor to CCL research and resources. If you’re prepping for a keynote, designing a new workshop, or seeking to build knowledge in a key area of practice, a quick email to the Partner Network team will result in a curated batch of resources specific to your needs. Perhaps you are pricing or proposing a new project. Your business coach will work directly with you to capture industry best practices, create a pricing strategy or provide a proposal template. We’ll also provide instruction on utilizing the CCL assessments, experiential exercises and content included with your membership.

  • Your value as a consultant or coach will expand.

    Every year you’ll receive specially selected tools, research, assessments and exercises designed to expand the value proposition you bring to your clients. Whether you’re seeking new content and value to bring to your existing clients, or want to efficiently expand your firm’s current capabilities, the CCL Partner Network provides clear ways to increase your offerings in ways that build upon your current expertise and fit your growth strategy. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to industry best practices and market trends that will allow you to ensure you’re anticipating and meeting evolving client needs.

  • You’ll gain access to a network of elite peers.

    The CCL Partner Network was created for seasoned, experienced leadership development professionals. Your Partner Network peers have built successful businesses and are committed to continued growth through collaboration. You’ll meet your peers face to face at our Partner Summits (two-day meetings held multiple times a year at CCL Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina) and engage with them directly through our private LinkedIn Group. In addition to access to the top private practitioners in our field, you convene and connect with the CCL scholars and faculty members.

  • You can align yourself with the respected CCL brand.

    Partner Network members have the opportunity to co-brand with the highly respected and well recognized Center for Creative Leadership brand. As a member, you have the opportunity to highlight your connection to CCL in your business development efforts as well as include the Partner Network logo on your marketing materials, course and coaching materials, in addition to your website and business cards. The CCL brand connection instantly expands your credibility.

What the CCL Partner Network Can Do For You
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The CCL Partner Network is a joint program of the Center for Creative Leadership and Lead Star.