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Learn more about why the Partner Network was created, the benefits of membership, and the tools and solutions included in your Member Basket.

Membership FAQs

Why was the CCL Partner Network created?

The CCL Partner Network was designed to meet a gap in the marketplace. There are a lot of quality organizations that provide IP for third party use (Wiley, MBTI, Colby, etc). The CCL Partner Network, in addition to providing valuable tools and resources for you to leverage, also provides the opportunity to convene and connect with CCL experts, faculty and other successful leadership development professionals.

Is this just a way to sell CCL products and services?

We certainly want you to use CCL products and services. Yet, it’s not just about your incremental sale of our resources, it’s about providing you context for using the tools, resources and assessments effectively to grow your revenues and achieve successful outcomes for your clients. From slide decks, to best practices, to guidance on selling and pricing, we provide you practical and innovative ways to embed CCL resources into your client work in meaningful and effective ways.

Who joins the CCL Partner Network?

The common characteristics of Network members are that they are thriving owners, partners and key influencers of firms who value collaboration. Members are focused on achieving personal and company growth goals and they recognize that connecting with other leadership development practitioners in candid, authentic ways is extremely valuable for success. Our successful Members know there is plenty of opportunity in the market and do not view other firms in a competitive manner. Instead, they want to learn from their peers and share and support in the development of their Network colleagues.

What does the membership fee include?

The annual membership fee is $5,995. For that fee you receive more than $10,000 of goods and services, including one registration to the Partner Summit. While excellent assessments, content and facilitator tools are provided during each year of membership, the most significant ROI you’ll receive is likely the revenue growth your business will experience from the best practices you’ll learn, the business coaching you’ll receive and the opportunities for collaboration with other Network Members.

Are these high-quality resources?

CCL has been developing and designing leadership resources for 40 years. The resources utilized within the Partner Network are research backed and evidence based — providing that rigor and proven quality your clients are seeking.

What is the mission of the CCL Partner Network?

One of the primary goals of the CCL Partner Network is Member development. CCL is a nonprofit that is purpose driven and mission oriented. We believe “better leaders, better world.” As a nonprofit, we are committed to supporting practitioners as they serve their clients best. Custom one-on-one business coaching sessions provide support to you in developing and meeting your goals.

How can I use the CCL name and logo?

A unique feature of the CCL Network is the fact that we encourage you to co-brand, leveraging our 40 years of market strength directly with your company’s brand. In fact, one of the first benefits you receive when you sign up is online access to the Partner Network Seal for use on your website, business cards and marketing material. Candidly, some members have initially joined solely for that benefit to align with our brand!

Do I have to purchase memberships for each of my employees?

When you join as an individual, your entire company benefits. You can sign up your colleagues and associates within your firm to receive our communications and they are welcome to join you at a Partner Summit.

How big is the network?

The Partner Network is growing quickly; we’ll have 200 members join in 2016. Despite our size and growth, we’ll be capping Summit attendance per date group to encourage substantive networking, small group learning and informal access to CCL faculty and staff.

Does the Partner Network require a large time commitment?

The CCL Partner Network offers a variety of resources. Yet we know you are very busy. Our goal is to tee the offerings up for you and then allow you to select how you want to engage. Our only “mandatory” event each year is the two day Partner Summit held at CCL’s Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. By coming to CCL soon after you join the Network, and each year after, you get to develop relationships with other members and our staff as well as develop yourself.

Member Basket FAQs

The Annual Member Basket includes assessments, content modules and facilitation tools. Basket items refresh to the next year’s selection each June. And, if your client projects call for solutions beyond the Member Basket, you’ll have assistance in selecting the right tool from the full range of CCL offerings.


Leadership Gap Indicator

The Leadership Gap Indicator (LGI) is a team and organizational assessment designed to help the organization identify the effectiveness of current leadership skills and draw attention to leadership gaps that may exist. It provides organizations a tool for evaluating developmental needs.


  • Discover the specific leadership skills essential to the success of your organization.
  • Identify the strength of skills and perspectives among current leaders.
  • Recognize gaps between current leadership skills and the leadership skills identified as essential to success.
  • Identify factors impeding success and derailing careers.
  • Diagnose talent training needs

Those completing the indicator rate the importance of leadership competencies for success now and in the future and then rate the abilities of their peer group to perform them. By identifying any gap between today’s skills and those required for future success, organizations will have the data they need to begin making strategic plans for developing leadership talent.

WorkLife Indicator

WorkLife Indicator (WLI) provides the information and tools individuals need to move towards a more productive and sustainable way of managing the boundaries between work and family.


  • Provides information that helps individuals understand the strengths and challenges associated with one’s personal profile.
  • Provides tips for personal improvement that are tailored to each individual’s profile.
  • Helps organizations create a common language around different approaches and can be used to increase employee engagement.
  • Provides accurate and relevant, research-based results on an individual’s profile.

WorkLife Indicator measures:

  • Behaviors: the degree to which an individual identifies with and invests in work and family roles.
  • Identity: the degree to which an individual feels in control of how he or she manages the boundaries between work and family.
  • Control: the degree to which one combines or separates the tasks associated with work and those associated with one’s personal life.

Content Modules & Facilitation Tools

Accountability Instructor-Led Module

The Accountability Module is a self-contained learning session focused on the leadership fundamental of accountability. It includes a facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides, and participant worksheet to reinforce learning. This module typically requires about 60–90 minutes of time to deliver but may run longer with greater amounts of participant discussion and/or time spent on the worksheet. The Accountability Module can either be a complement to existing leadership development training or used as a stand-alone module to introduce and discuss concepts surrounding accountability.


The package is organized into three sections:

Facilitator Guide
Provides scripting and slide notes for session delivery

PowerPoint Slides
Customizable slide deck ready for immediate use

Participant Worksheet
A companion worksheet exercise

Situation, Behavior, Impact Instructor-Led Module

The Situation, Behavior, Impact (SBI) module is a self-contained learning session that includes a facilitator script, PowerPoint slides, and participant worksheets to reinforce learning. This module typically requires about 45 minutes of time to deliver but may run longer with greater amounts of participant discussion and/or time spent on the worksheets. The SBI module can either be a complement to existing leadership development training or used as a stand-alone module to teach effective feedback delivery.


The package is organized into three sections:

Facilitator Guide
Provides scripting and slide notes for session delivery

PowerPoint Slides
Customizable slide deck ready for immediate use

Participant Worksheet
Companion practice cards and tips

Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer is a facilitated exercise using the power of images to create a group dialogue and understanding around complex issues. Each Visual Explorer kit includes a set of 216 images and a robust facilitator’s guide with a wealth of information about the tool. A summary of best practices is provided to give a helpful overview before using your kit. A session using this tool can be conducted in as little as 45 minutes, but can be much longer if participants are exploring multiple framing questions or a number of issues. Visual Explorer can be added to almost any training event (strategy sessions, vision sessions, leadership development programs, etc.) to stimulate discussion, support collaboration, or imagine alternatives to challenges.

Experiential Learning Module: Tinkering with Success

Tinkering with Success is an experiential exercise designed to engage participants while allowing them to have a learning experience that is relevant to the majority of workplace environments. It is especially valuable in helping groups identify communication challenges that arise in the workplace, in reinforcing leadership concepts, and in supporting groups in creating dialogue around productive and unproductive workplace/leader behavior.

The exercise is a competitive building challenge where groups must communicate clearly through a hierarchy to replicate a structure the facilitator has built. The goal of the exercise is to create an environment where instinctive, conditioned, or habitual behaviors appear. Participants get to see how these behaviors impact performance and, afterward, talk about how similar behaviors manifest at work.

A facilitator guide, participant handout and demo building materials are provided.

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